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A story that shouldn't exist

Dr. Linden is a radiologist. She used to write her reports in a text editor.

To modernize her cumbersome workflow, her boss acquired three different structured reporting tools from two separate manufacturers to cover at least half of the examinations she does reporting for. While she's still trying to get used to tons of different user interfaces, she wishes she could just open a notepad and write or dictate.

A different one

Graid is also a structured reporting tool. The only one you'll ever need.
What makes it so great? Learn more...

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Introducing Graid

Exams come and go, the UI stays

Is it a Chest CT? Graid has it. Is it a Lumbar Spine MRI? Graid knows that too. Maybe a Wrist X-ray? No problem. Whatever it might be, you always use the same clean and straightforward user interface for all kinds of examinations.

Structured from top to bottom

Graid knows the entire human anatomy down to the tiniest body part and all pathologies you might find on a radiographic recording. You needn't type or dictate a single word into your finding, just virtually navigate the body, pick things you should comment on, select their characteristics and there you have it. The report is generated automatically, in real time, in multiple languages.

Structured from beginning to end

Structuredness is great. But does it last only for the reporting process, or also for the data you generate? Graid stores every report in a ternary format: as flowing and compact text, as well as a strictly organized minimal raw data set. A radiology equipped with Graid can produce large amounts of valuable indexed data for research purposes and further computerized processing.

Graid and portability

Graid is a web application. It runs entirely in the web browser, requires no installation nor any kind of setup. Just like a website it's there and ready to be used.

Graid and privacy

Web applications cannot access your local network nor any data on your computer. Graid can only know information you explicitly tell it. And even that it doesn't collect.

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For those who want it all

We have Graid Pro for advanced users who need a complete infrastructure.

A web application that comes with all the features Graid has, plus it offers AI-accelerated reporting with reports stored in your HIS, RIS or PACS archive. To make this possible, it needs to be incorporated in your hospital network and for this we must...

› install services on your RIS and PACS computers
› set up firewall rules on your workstations
› put a proxy between your system and ours
› change settings in softwares from other manufacturers you use
› just attach a box to your network. That's all, really.

Seamless integration

GraidBox employs technologies known from other fields of IT to take care of everything without your network even knowing it's there. And if anything happens to it, your network won't even notice. This is the kind of robustness you want in a hospital.

GraidBox and compatibility

How GraidBox communicates fully complies with the latest DICOM and HL7 standards. So if your appliances also adhere to these, the deployment is really just plug and play.

GraidBox and privacy

GraidBox doesn't store or publish any data. It couldn't, even if it wanted to. It has no hard drive nor internet connection. The only thing it does is delivering Graid Pro to serve you 24/7.

only because of validation

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Getting involved

When can you have it?

Graid is under heavy development. The software is currently being beta tested in a teleradiology environment and by numerous radiologists individually from different institutes. A working prototype of GraidBox has been built already. At this stage however, Graid is not yet available for live clinical use.

How to contribute?

Graid has been brought so far exclusively by the effort of Sineko's founders and the immense feedback from the radiology community. Without seeking external funds or any capital injection. Now, in the current phase prior to market introduction we are happy to discuss with investors about smart money for scaling.

Want to know more?

You can contact us under info at sineko dot gl.